How much does it cost to get a bowling ball drilled?

Key takeaway:

  • Customized finger holes are important for properly fitting a bowling ball to an individual’s hand.
  • The cost of bowling ball drilling can vary depending on factors such as whether the ball is pre-drilled or drilled separately, and the price range for drilling.
  • Additional costs and upgrades, such as drilling protection and thumb slugs/finger inserts, may increase the overall cost.


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Customizing the finger holes of a bowling ball through drilling is a crucial aspect of the game. Understanding the definition of bowling ball drilling and the importance of this customization can greatly impact your performance on the lanes. So, let’s dive into the world of customized finger holes and discover why it’s a game-changer for bowlers.

Definition of bowling ball drilling

Bowling ball drilling is essential for a perfect fit, just like Cinderella’s glass slipper! It involves taking measurements of the player’s hand size and grip preference. Then, specialized tools are used to mark, drill, and shape the ball’s finger holes.

There are additional upgrades, like drilling protection, thumb slugs, and finger inserts. The cost of drilling varies depending on the player’s level and customization options. Beginners may have different cost considerations than advanced players. Shopping around helps to find the best price.

Customizing finger holes helps players achieve a better grip and control. This leads to improved accuracy and an overall better gameplay experience. Bowler beware: more bruises, less romance!

Importance of customizing finger holes

Customizing finger holes in a bowling ball is vital for bowlers of all levels. By using the right words, we can show its importance in increasing performance and consistency.

The size of the fingers and preference for thumb slugs or finger inserts should be taken into account when drilling finger holes. This helps the bowler have a secure and comfortable fit, giving them better control and accuracy when throwing. The customized holes also reduce the risk of injuries like blisters or calluses.

When drilling finger holes, several factors must be considered. These include the size of the fingers, the type of thumb slugs/finger inserts, and any extra requirements specific to the playing style. A well-fitted ball helps with a stable release and improved grip control. It also lets bowlers use different types of ball rotations more effectively, helping them adapt to the lane conditions and hit their targets.

It isn’t just pros that can benefit from drilling finger holes. Even beginners can get advantages from having properly fitted finger holes. It helps with proper technique development and reduces the risk of bad habits due to discomfort or ill-fitting equipment.

Throughout history, bowlers have understood the importance of drilling finger holes. It is key for getting the most out of every throw. As techniques evolve, drilling finger holes is still essential for bowlers to achieve success on the lanes. It is thus an important part of any serious bowler’s setup.

Drilling a bowling ball can be costly. But, it’s worth noting the importance of customizing finger holes and how it affects performance. We understand the financial aspect and are here to help you save money!

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bowling Ball Drilling

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bowling Ball Drilling

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Bowling Ball Drilling: Unraveling the cost mystery, we will explore the differences between pre-drilled balls and separate drilling costs. Additionally, we’ll discover the wide range of prices associated with bowling ball drilling, giving you a clearer understanding of what to expect when it comes to the expense of this essential process.

Pre-drilled balls vs. separate drilling cost

Pre-drilled balls are a great, budget-friendly choice for bowlers preferring convenience. But separate drilling allows for personalised finger hole placements, based on individual hand measurements and grip preferences. Pre-drilled balls usually cost less than separate drilling, which requires extra fees for the drilling process.

Let’s compare the costs! Here’s the table:

Source Pre-Drilled Ball Cost Separate Drilling Cost
Source 1 $100 $150
Source 2 $90 $140
Source 3 $95 $145

It’s clear that separate drilling is pricier than pre-drilled balls. This is due to the extra time and customising involved. But, separate drilling can give you an even better fit, and possibly enhance your bowling performance.

Remember though, pre-drilled balls may not provide the best fit for everyone. If you have specific hand measurements or grip preferences, you may still want to opt for separate drilling, even if it does cost more. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you need, your budget, and how much customisation you desire.

So, why spend a fortune? Do the math and see if that extra hole in your pocket is really worth it.

Price range for drilling

The cost of drilling for a bowling ball can range from around $20 to $50. Below is a table with examples from different sources:

Source Drilling Cost Range
Source A $20 – $30
Source B $25 – $35
Source C $30 – $40
Source D $35 – $45

Note that these are just examples and actual prices may be different. If you add thumb slugs or finger inserts, extra charges may apply.

To save money, one suggestion is to buy both the ball and the drilling service from the same store. Also, compare prices between different sources to find a better deal or take advantage of any ongoing promotions. When it comes to drilling costs, the price can vary like a bowling ball hitting a stray pin.

Examples of drilling cost from different sources

Drilling costs for bowling balls can differ, depending on the source. Here are some examples in a table.

Source Drilling Cost
Local bowling pro shop $50 – $100
Online bowling retailer $30 – $70
National sporting goods store $40 – $80

This table shows the range of drilling costs you may encounter. It includes local pro shops, online retailers, and national sporting goods stores.

These figures are only examples. Factors such as location, the store, and services can affect the final cost.

This table helps bowlers understand what they might pay when customizing finger holes in their bowling ball.

Process of Drilling a Bowling Ball

Process of Drilling a Bowling Ball

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In the process of drilling a bowling ball, two crucial aspects come into play: the measurement of hand and grip preference, and the step-by-step drilling procedure. Understanding these components is essential to ensure a customized fit and optimal performance for bowlers. By accurately measuring the hand and considering grip preferences, drilling technicians can create a tailored experience that enhances a player’s control and accuracy on the lanes. Subsequently, we will explore the various steps involved in the precise drilling process, shedding light on the intricate craftsmanship that goes into creating the perfect fit for every individual bowler.

Measurement of hand and grip preference

Be precise when drilling a bowling ball! Accurate measurements of hand size and grip preference are essential for maximum control and comfort. Specialized tools are used to take the necessary measurements for drilling, such as a measuring tape or ball fitting gauge. The circumference of the fingers, palm width, span, and pitch angles all need to be taken into consideration. Grip preferences, including finger sizes, orientations, and pitches, can be assessed through gripping tests or talking about previous drilling experiences.

By accurately measuring the hand and understanding grip preferences, bowlers can maximize their control over the ball for consistent results on the lanes. It’s time to unleash your bowling ball’s potential – keep calm and drill on!

Steps involved in drilling

Bowling ball drilling is a process that requires taking measurements and drilling finger holes to fit a bowler’s hand and grip. This customization is vital for better accuracy and control when throwing the ball.

There are three steps:

  1. Measurements: Precise measurements are needed to determine the size and shape of the fingers and thumb. This ensures the holes will fit comfortably and securely.
  2. Drilling: Specialized machines drill holes based on the measurements taken.
  3. Finishing touches: Sharp edges and rough spots are smoothed out. It may also be polished or coated with a protective finish.

It is recommended to find experienced professionals for accurate measurements and precise drilling. Discussing playing style, strengths, and weaknesses can tailor their approach.

Be open to feedback and communicate any issues during test shots. Regular maintenance such as cleaning and re-gripping can further enhance the experience.

By following these tips, you can ensure the ball is customized to your comfort and preferences, improving your performance. Get ready to strike your wallet for additional costs and upgrades.

Additional Costs and Upgrades

When it comes to the cost of getting a bowling ball drilled, there are some additional expenses and upgrades to consider. In this section, we will explore factors like drilling protection, thumb slugs, and finger inserts. These elements can have an impact on the overall cost and enhance your bowling experience. So, let’s dive in and discover the added costs and upgrades associated with getting your bowling ball drilled.

Drilling protection

Drilling protection is a must-have for bowling ball durability. Over time, finger holes may crack or chip. To fix this, several methods can help.

  1. Rubber bowling thumb slugs can be inserted into the thumb hole. This creates a smooth surface and cushions the ball. Slugs reduce friction and wear, increasing ball life and reducing damage risk.
  2. Finger inserts can also be utilized. They’re made from materials like urethane or silicon, offering extra comfort and preventing skin irritation.
  3. Protective coatings on drilled areas also help. These coatings add an extra layer of resistance against impact, abrasion, and regular use damage.
  4. Regular maintenance is key too. Cleaning and inspecting drilled areas can spot issues early and stop further damage. This approach ensures drilling protection and optimal performance.

In conclusion, drilling protection is necessary for bowling ball performance and comfort. Thumb slugs, finger inserts, protective coatings, and regular maintenance all help. Customizing bowling balls with drilling protection lets bowlers of all expertise levels play comfortably and confidently.

Thumb slugs and finger inserts

Thumb slugs and finger inserts are must-haves for bowlers aiming to up their game on the lanes. Thumb slugs provide extra support, resulting in a more consistent release. Plus, they reduce stress on the muscles and tendons. Finger inserts offer versatility, allowing bowlers to alter their grip size. This helps to gain better control and accuracy.

These accessories come in various materials, such as urethane or plastic. Plus, they can be custom-made to fit each individual’s hand measurements. Players can also buy thumb slugs and finger inserts separately, so they can choose the style that best suits their needs. Prices vary, depending on the material, brand, and customization.

Thumb slugs and finger inserts offer more than improved grip and control. They help to prevent blisters and calluses, by reducing friction. Furthermore, they protect the ball from excessive wear, making it last longer.

Investing in quality thumb slugs and finger inserts is key for bowlers who want to get the best out of the sport. These accessories give a customized fit. Additionally, they improve accuracy, reduce strain, protect against injuries, and boost technique. Bowlers can enjoy optimal comfort and performance on the lanes with thumb slugs and finger inserts.

Cost Considerations for Different Player Levels

Cost Considerations for Different Player Levels

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When it comes to getting a bowling ball drilled, cost considerations vary depending on the player’s skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there are factors to consider that can impact the cost. Let’s explore the cost considerations for beginners and advanced players, discussing how these factors can affect the overall expense and investment in your bowling ball drilling.

Cost considerations for beginners

When it comes to cost considerations for beginners, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Pre-drilled balls can save money on drilling costs. Prices may vary depending on where the ball is purchased.
  • Research examples of drilling costs to get an idea of the potential expenses.

Also factor in any extra expenses. These may include drilling protection, thumb slugs, or finger inserts. Be aware of these additional costs and include them in your budget.

To make the most cost-effective decisions when getting a bowling ball drilled, take your time. Compare prices from various stores and service providers. Don’t just purchase from the first option. Shop around and compare prices for maximum savings.

Advanced players should also note that drilling a bowling ball may cost more than their high score drinks tab. So, factor in potential expenses and make informed decisions.

By considering cost factors, researching prices, and making informed choices, beginners can manage their expenses better when getting a bowling ball drilled. Start your bowling journey with confidence, knowing you’ve made smart cost considerations.

Cost considerations for advanced players

Advanced bowlers must think about cost for their ball-drilling. They have special desires and needs which can influence the cost.

Customization may need more complex finger hole patterns or specialized drilling, which can be more costly compared to regular drilling.

High-end materials are often desired by advanced players. They may choose top-of-the-line materials such as high-performance resin covers or dense core designs. These materials come with a bigger price tag.

Upgrades might also be considered by advanced players. They may opt for thumb slugs or finger inserts, for better grip and control. These upgrades can add to the overall cost.

Finding a specialist technician who understands advanced players is essential. Their expertise and experience come with a premium, adding to the cost.

Advanced players may need frequent re-drilling and maintenance in order to refine their technique and adapt to changing lane conditions. This upkeep can cost more over time.

In conclusion, cost considerations for advanced players are different than beginners, due to the level of customization and complexity involved. High-quality materials, upgrades, and specialist expertise all add to the higher costs of getting a ball drilled for advanced bowlers.

Money-Saving Tips

Money-Saving Tips

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When it comes to saving money on getting a bowling ball drilled, there are a couple of strategies that can help. One option is purchasing from the same store, which can offer potential discounts or package deals. Another approach is shopping around for the best price, ensuring you get the most value for your money. These money-saving tips can make a significant difference in the overall cost of getting a bowling ball drilled.

Purchasing from the same store

Buying your bowling ball from the same store as your drilling location is convenient and cost-effective. The staff are knowledgeable about their inventory and services, helping you get the right ball and customisation. You can also take advantage of package deals or discounts for bundled services. These can reduce your total cost and give you great value.

Plus, getting your ball drilled at the same store means you can easily go back for any post-drilling adjustments. If you have any discomfort or need modifications, just visit the store again.

In conclusion, buying from the same store is convenient, offers expertise, discounts, and easy access to adjustments. It is worth considering for optimal performance on the lanes.

Shopping around for the best price

When searching for the best price on bowling ball drilling services, consider the following tips:

  1. Compare prices from multiple stores: Look at different bowling pro shops or online retailers to see if there are any price differences for bowling ball drilling services.
  2. Take advantage of promotions: Keep an eye out for any special offers or discounts that may be available at certain times or seasons.
  3. Consider package deals: Some bowling pro shops may have a lower rate if you purchase the ball and drilling service together.
  4. Inquire about loyalty programs: If you frequently visit a certain store, ask if they have rewards or loyalty programs that could save you money on future orders.
  5. Ask for referrals: Chat with experienced bowlers or fellow enthusiasts to get tips on where to find good deals on drilling services.

When searching for the best price, also think about the customer service, expertise, and reputation of the shop. This way, you can find a reliable shop that offers budget-friendly bowling ball drilling while also providing quality service and advice.

By taking your time to compare prices and consider other important elements, you can find a reliable shop that offers budget-friendly bowling ball drilling. Plus, they will be able to customize finger holes accurately.


Costs for getting a bowling ball drilled can differ. It depends on factors like the type of ball, the drilling pattern difficulty, and the expertise of the driller. Prices range usually from $30-$60. People who are professionals or wanting special drilling may pay more. It is important to consider the individual’s skill and desires when assessing the cost.

Bowling pro shops may give package deals or discounts, which can lower the price. Hence, people should research and talk to pro shops to get cost estimates and pricing options tailored to their needs. So, explore options and consider various factors to find the most suitable and affordable way to get your ball drilled.

Some Facts About How Much Does it Cost to Get a Bowling Ball Drilled:

  • ✅ Bowling balls do not come pre-drilled, so they must be customized to fit the player’s fingers. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The cost of drilling a bowling ball can range from $15 to $75, depending on where you buy the ball and if the drilling is included in the price. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ charges $25 to $45 for drilling, while charges $55 to $75, influenced by the ball’s material and quality. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Drilling protection, thumb slugs, and finger inserts may cost additional fees, ranging from $8 to $20 each. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ To save money on drilling, it is recommended to purchase the ball from the same place where you have it drilled and look for price offers. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about How Much Does It Cost To Get A Bowling Ball Drilled?

How much does it cost to get a bowling ball drilled?

The cost of getting a bowling ball drilled can vary depending on factors such as the drilling option, customized drilling service, and the company policy. On average, it can range between $15 and $75.

Is drilling a bowling ball included in the price?

If you choose a bowling ball with pre-drilled finger holes, there will be no additional cost for drilling. However, if you want to customize the finger holes, there may be an extra fee.

Where can I get my bowling ball drilled?

You can get your bowling ball drilled at a bowling ball pro shop. Some online retailers, such as and, also offer drilling services.

What are the additional costs involved in drilling a bowling ball?

Additional costs may include drilling protection, which can cost between $8 and $15, and upgrading thumb slugs and finger inserts, which may cost an additional $15 to $20.

Can I save money by purchasing the ball and getting it drilled at the same place?

Yes, to save money on drilling, it is recommended to purchase the bowling ball from the same place where you have it drilled. Some stores may offer discounts or free drilling if the ball is purchased from them.

How much does drilling a bowling ball cost at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can get a bowling ball drilled for free if you purchase the ball from them.

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