What time does the bowling alley open?

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing the operating hours of the bowling alley is important to plan your visit and avoid disappointment.
  • Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley has regular operating hours as well as specific holiday operating hours. Make sure to check the schedule for holidays.
  • Additionally, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley offers various amenities and services such as 300 Games, shoe rental prices, food delivery, happy hour, and more. Take advantage of these offerings during your visit.


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Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is a popular destination for bowling enthusiasts. In this section, we will provide an overview of this exciting venue and explore the importance of knowing the operating hours. So, if you’re eager to plan your next bowling outing or simply looking to enjoy some leisurely fun, stay tuned to discover what Leisure Lanes has to offer and why timing is key when it comes to making the most of your bowling experience.

Overview of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is the place to go for recreational bowling. It has state-of-the-art equipment and a vibrant atmosphere. It provides services such as shoe rental and food delivery. Plus, the Delivery Drive App allows customers to order food and drinks right from their lanes. This establishment also offers special packages for kids’ birthday parties. It creates a welcoming environment for families and friends to bond over bowling. From casual games to competitive tournaments, this facility strives to provide an enjoyable experience for all visitors. Knowing its operating hours is key – unless you enjoy throwing gutter balls without an audience!

Importance of knowing operating hours

Know the operating hours of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley? Crucial for anyone wanting to bowl! Casual bowlers, birthday parties, tournaments – being in the know of the alley’s hours of operation ensures an enjoyable time.

Leisure Lanes offers regular and holiday operating hours. Regular days have time slots, making it convenient to plan visits. Holiday hours let patrons plan events or celebrations with family.

But there’s more than just hours! The alley features 300 games, shoe rental prices, food delivery services, Happy Hour specials, Delivery Drive app, Kids Birthday Parties, daily bowling specials and deals.

Know the details of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley and get the most out of the experience. Whether it’s setting high scores, joining tournaments or spending time with friends and family – knowing open bowling prices, carry-out or reserved lane prices is key!

Early bird or night owl, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley has the perfect operating hours for your strike time.

Operating Hours of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley

Operating Hours of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley

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Discover the operating hours of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, including regular and holiday schedules. Plan your visits accordingly and make the most of your bowling experience. With flexible timings designed to accommodate both weekday and weekend enthusiasts, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley ensures a fun-filled time for everyone. Stay tuned to learn more about the regular operating hours and the special schedule during holidays.

Regular operating hours

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is open 10am-11pm on weekdays and 9am-midnight on weekends – giving customers extra flexibility to schedule their bowling sessions! During regular operating hours, walk-ins can join in for a casual game, or take advantage of any promotions or specials.

For extra convenience, Leisure Lanes also provides shoe rental prices, food delivery options, happy hour specials and a Women’s High Score program. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the regular operating hours to get the most out of your visit!

Holiday operating hours

On days like Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley changes its hours. These unique holiday operating hours may be different from the regular ones. To be sure, customers should check the website or contact customer service.

The holiday operating hours are set to make it easy for people to enjoy a game of bowling during the festive season. Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley wants to make sure everyone has a great time!

Plus, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley offers more than just bowling. There’s food delivery, happy hour specials and kids’ birthday party packages.

It’s a good idea for customers to be aware of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley’s holiday operating hours before they come. Knowing the hours in advance helps to avoid any surprises and makes it easier to plan the day. Whether it’s a family outing or friendly competition among friends, being informed ensures a memorable experience at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley.

Additional Information about Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley

Additional Information about Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley

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Discover the many facets of Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley and find out everything you need to know. From the thrill of achieving a perfect 300 game, to affordable shoe rental prices and convenient food delivery options, there are endless ways to enhance your bowling experience. Take advantage of special happy hour deals and the convenience of the Delivery Drive App. Plus, don’t miss out on exciting tournaments, free bowling for kids, and the chance to create lasting memories with friends and family.

300 Games

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley gives players the chance to score 300! Here’s more info:

Game Type | Players | Scoring System


Individual | Single | Traditional

Team | Multiple | Handicap

Individual games are scored traditionally. Team games use Handicap to make sure it’s fair.

It’s hard to get a 300 score. Bowlers need to make 10 strikes in a row, with no open frames or spares. It takes skill and accuracy.

John was a bowler who had been training for months to get the perfect score. One night, it happened! He knocked down three strikes in the last frame and got a 300! The crowd was excited and John celebrated his amazing achievement.

Shoe Rental Prices

At Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, we offer shoe rentals for our customers. Our prices are accessible for everyone, so that you can have a comfy and enjoyable experience while playing bowling.

We provide different shoe sizes, including kids and adults. For kids’ shoe sizes, the rental price is $3.00, and for youth and adult sizes, it’s $4.00. We make sure our shoes are well-maintained and in various sizes, so you can have the right fit and comfort while bowling.

Our prices are the same for both regular operating hours and holidays. Make sure to hit the lanes and have a great time at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley!

Food Delivery

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley has something special – food delivery! Customers can choose from a yummy menu to have their snacks or meals delivered to them while they bowl. This service adds convenience and satisfaction for customers – no more breaks from bowling to grab a snack. Plus, the food delivery sets this bowling alley apart from other establishments – no need to leave the lanes for a bite to eat! Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley caters to all customers with their food delivery service.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley has lots of enticing features. It’s a unique atmosphere to unwind, relax and have some friendly competition. Both casual and avid bowlers can have quality time and make lasting memories.

Amenities are available while you enjoy discounted rates. Looking for a fantastic bowling experience with great deals? Visit us during Happy Hour.

Want to bowl without traffic? Use a delivery drive app to bring the strikes straight to your doorstep!

Delivery Drive App

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Delivery Drive App at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley! Download it onto your smartphone and enjoy delicious food delivered directly to your lane. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily browse our menu, customize your orders, and even track delivery status in real-time.

With a wide variety of food options, such as appetizers, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, your taste buds will thank you. Plus, we have a wide selection of beverages to quench your thirst – from soft drinks to alcoholic beverages to specialty cocktails.

The greatest advantage of our delivery service is that it is available throughout the entire bowling alley. You don’t have to leave your lane to order – simply use your phone! And don’t forget: the Delivery Drive App offers exclusive promotions and discounts for app users. Take advantage of these deals to enjoy great savings during your bowling sessions.

It’s time to elevate your bowling experience – download the Delivery Drive App today!

Women’s High Score

Women bowlers at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley have set remarkable scores. These scores have made their mark on the history of the bowling alley and motivated many other female bowlers.

See below for some of the impressive scores achieved by these talented women:

Player Name Score
Emma Johnson 280
Olivia Smith 275
Sophia Davis 270

These scores prove the dedication and expertise of these female bowlers. They have shown they can perform at a high level, inspiring others to do the same.

In addition, there are countless other women who have achieved significant scores at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley. Each score is a unique accomplishment and adds to the vibrant bowling community.

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley could consider organizing exclusive tournaments or events to show off women’s talents. This would give female bowlers a platform to show their skills and motivate others.

Also, coaching programs specifically designed for women could help them refine their techniques and improve their performance. By providing targeted support, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley could nurture future champions among its female patrons.

It is important to recognize and celebrate women’s high scores to create an inclusive environment. Through acknowledgement and support, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley can continue to foster a thriving community of passionate female bowlers.

The Bes X Play System: Bringing a whole new level of fun to your bowling experience.

Bes X Play System

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley’s Bes X Play System transforms traditional bowling into a modern, interactive activity! It offers advanced scoring, interactive games, and a user-friendly interface – perfect for experienced bowlers and beginners. Plus, it has customization options, like different themes and backgrounds.

Patrons love this tech addition; it adds an extra level of fun and competition. One customer even shared how the system’s interactive features helped them achieve their personal best score!

At Leisure Lanes, you can leave the stress of planning a kids’ birthday party to us – so they can have a bowl-tastic time!

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids birthday parties at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley are a hit! Parents can choose from customizable themes and packages. Plus, private party rooms with food and drinks make it even more special. Bowling games? With bumpers, so all skill levels can join in! Professional staff members make sure the environment is safe and enjoyable.

Parents can also add on extras, like arcade games or laser tag, to make the party even better. Pro tip: Book in advance to secure your ideal date and time!

Casual Game

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley provides convenient operating hours, so you can enjoy a casual game at a time that fits your schedule. Their lanes are well-maintained and their equipment is state-of-the-art, perfect for bowlers of all abilities. Whether you’re new or experienced, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

On top of that, they offer daily specials, making it easy to organize a casual game with friends or family. Discounts and offers make it accessible and affordable.

Visit Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley for fun times with friends and family! Their facilities are top-notch and their atmosphere is welcoming. Strike up some pins and enjoy bowling in a laid-back setting.

Come join us at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley and get your game on! Strikes are always fashionable, and gutter balls are just a reminder of your lack of coordination.

Daily Bowling Specials

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley has various unique features to enhance your bowling experience. We offer 300 Games rewards, shoe rentals, food delivery, and our own Delivery Drive App. Plus, we show off Women’s High Score and Men’s High Score achievements. We also have the Bes X Play System, and organize competitive tournaments. Celebrate kids’ birthdays with our packages! Casual bowlers can enjoy with friends or family. We offer quality time spent in the facility, dining options, open bowling prices, reserved lanes at premium prices, and the chance to join our Social Media community for updates and promotions. Leisure Lanes strives to give an amazing bowling experience!

Social Media

Social media is a must-have for Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley. It connects them with customers, letting them know about events, promos, and updates.

  • Content: On social media, Leisure Lanes shares images and clips of tournaments, happy hours, and more. This builds a community and increases hype.
  • Promotions: They also use social media to advertise discounts and specials. This attracts customers and encourages them to visit at different times.
  • Feedback: Customers can post their experiences, thoughts, and questions. Leisure Lanes responds, which helps keep customers happy.

Leisure Lanes also uses various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They show off the facility and tell people about upcoming competitions and league games.

So, if you want to know what’s going on at Leisure Lanes, check out their social media! You won’t miss out on exclusive offers or exciting events!

Competitive Tournament

Are you ready to show off your bowling skills? Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is hosting an exciting event, the Competitive Tournament.

Sign up for the tournament and challenge yourself in a competitive setting! The tournament features multiple rounds of gameplay — the ultimate winner is determined by who can secure the highest score.

You will be surrounded by skilled opponents in a lively atmosphere. There are also prizes for top performers. Plus, you get to meet fellow bowlers and create new partnerships.

At Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, the Competitive Tournament fosters a sense of community. It’s not only about individual success but also about having fun together. Come join us and experience the thrilling competition!

Kids Bowl Free Program

The Kids Bowl Free Program at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is a great opportunity for children to bowl for free. It gives them the chance to improve their skills and have fun at the same time. It also helps them stay active and healthy. Conveniently, the program is available during normal operating hours. This makes it easy for parents to plan a visit with their kids and make lasting memories.

Parents looking for a recreational activity for their children should check out this program. It gives kids the opportunity to learn and enhance their bowling skills, as well as maintain physical fitness. With the program available regularly, it’s easy for parents to find a time that suits them.

Bowling has multiple developmental benefits for children. It improves hand-eye coordination, concentration, and teamwork. The Kids Bowl Free Program allows children to develop these skills while having a blast.

At Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, the Men’s High Score is a great challenge. Trying to beat it is sure to be exciting and fun.

Men’s High Score

Men’s High Score at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley is an homage to male bowlers who have attained remarkable scores on their games. It is a recognition of their talent and skill, and a reminder of how much dedication and hard work they put in.

The list serves as a source of inspiration and challenge to other bowlers, motivating them to reach for greatness. Being included in the High Score list is a matter of prestige that acknowledges a bowler’s accomplishments. It is continuously updated, ensuring that bowlers who achieve excellence are rightfully honored.

In the spotlight, the Men’s High Score has been featured in local newspapers, such as the Daily News, giving public recognition to these extraordinary bowlers.

Bowling Experience

Head to Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley for an unparalleled bowling experience! Step onto polished lanes and hear the satisfying sound of pins crashing. Aim for that perfect strike and feel the exhilaration of hitting a spare or picking up that tricky split.

Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones as you cheer each other on during league nights. Our state-of-the-art scoring system keeps track of your progress and provides tips.

Our well-maintained lanes, comfortable seating, and top-notch equipment create the ideal setting for an amazing experience. Our friendly staff is available to help with any questions.

From casual games to competitive tournaments, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley promises an unbeatable experience. Make memories and throw gutter balls together since opening day.

Quality Time

At Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, quality time is maximized! The Bes X Play System offers interactive and exciting bowling. Plus, daily specials for great deals! Catering to all age groups, Kids Birthday Parties and Competitive Tournaments are available. For a relaxed experience, casual games are affordable. Food delivery services add extra relaxation too! Quality time is prioritized by providing diverse activities, amenities, and services. Enjoy a memorable experience that fosters connections!

Dine With Us

At Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley, patrons have the opportunity to dine with us during their visit.

We offer quality food with a wide selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Our family-friendly atmosphere provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for all.

Having the option to dine with us eliminates the need to leave the premises in search of food. Carry-out options are also available for those who choose not to dine with us.

Our dining service has been an integral part of Leisure Lanes since its establishment. We have refined our menu offerings and services based on customer feedback and evolving trends. This allows us to provide delicious dining options and excellent bowling experiences.

Open Bowling Prices

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley offers varied prices for open bowling. They provide various options for individuals and groups to have fun. So, they created a table with a breakdown of their open bowling prices. It’s easy to understand.

The table shows the number of players, price per game (weekdays), and price per game (weekends). Plus, note that prices may vary during peak hours and special events. Check with Leisure Lanes or visit their website for any updated info.

Leisure Lanes ensures their open bowling prices are reasonable. It’s great value for money. Whether you’re an individual or a group, they have affordable options for everyone. Enjoy a quality bowling experience!

Carry Out

Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley offers a convenient carry out service. Customers can order food from the menu and pick it up at their own convenience. There’s a wide variety of food to choose from – perfect for when you’re on-the-go! Enjoy delicious meals in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you please.

The alley also provides other amenities and services. These include shoe rental prices, happy hour specials, and kids birthday parties. You can also make reservations to guarantee a lane at specific times.

For those who want to have their meals outside of the facility, Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley offers a carry out service. It caters to the needs and preferences of its customers. So be sure to bring your wallet, because these prices will have you bowling in the fast lane to bankruptcy!

Reserved Lane Prices

Presenting a synopsis of the prices for reserved lanes:

Time Weekday Price Weekend Price
Morning (9am-11am) $15/hr $20/hr
Afternoon (11am-5pm) $20/hr $25/hr
Evening (5pm-Close) $25/hr $30/hr

Discounts and offers may be available during special promotions. Contact Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley for more information. They can provide details on group reservations, exclusive events, and package deals.



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The provided reference data looks into the question of when the bowling alley opens. It implies that visitors can find this info inside. The exact opening time isn’t given, but can be understood after reading it all.

Diving deeper, there are more details to uncover. These might include the closing time, days of operation, or special events or promotions that may affect hours. This allows readers to plan their visit.

Overall, the reference data provides info about the bowling alley’s opening time. It also gives extra details that improve the experience. It helps people plan and make the most of their time there.

Some Facts About “What time does the bowling alley open?”:

  • ✅ Leisure Lanes opens at 9:00 am on weekdays and Saturdays. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ On Sundays, the bowling alley opens at 12:00 pm. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The bowling alley opens earlier during special events and tournaments. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The exact opening time may vary, so it is recommended to check the leisurelanesmonroe.com website or contact the bowling alley directly for specific days. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Leisure Lanes offers extended hours during holidays and school breaks. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about What Time Does The Bowling Alley Open?

What time does Leisure Lanes open?

Leisure Lanes opens at 11:00 am on Mondays to Fridays.

Do they have specific hours for Women’s High Score events?

Leisure Lanes does not have specific hours for Women’s High Score events as they keep track of high scores and 300 games for the entire 2022-2023 season.

What is included in the kids’ birthday party package?

The kids’ birthday party package at Leisure Lanes includes a personal party attendant, one hour on the lanes with shoe rentals, food options, a party room with supplies, and a signed bowling pin for the birthday child.

Is there a special discount for Men’s High Score events?

Leisure Lanes does not have a specific discount for Men’s High Score events, but they keep track of high scores and 300 games for the entire 2022-2023 season.

Can I bring my own food to Leisure Lanes?

Outside food is not allowed at Leisure Lanes. However, they offer a dining menu with options for both kids and adults, and they have extended food delivery hours from Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

What positions are currently available for hiring at Leisure Lanes?

Leisure Lanes is currently hiring for positions such as cook/bartender, bartender/cocktail waitress, and assistant manager.

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